About The Band



Sally, our leader plays accordion, harp and flute. After a lifetime of sharing music with others, she gets particular pleasure from playing for dancers.


Bryan, our guitarist ran his first folk club 41 years ago! He promotes the band by managing our publicity and also looks after the P.A. system and electrics.


After playing in a local classical orchestra for several years Eileen, our fiddle player, rediscovered a love of folk music. She plays light classical music in a 'palm court' orchestra, folk music in a quartet, and is also the music organiser for a folk orchestra.


Peter's main instrument is flute, but he also plays a bit of tin whistle, guitar, banjo, saxophone & piano. He's been in the resident band for a folk club and played flute and keyboard for a local rock band.

Our caller will be the MC for your event. We will supply an experienced caller from a number with whom we've worked for many years. They will discuss with you how you want the evening to run to ensure its success.