How To Make Your Event A Success


Start Time:

Bear in mind that people drift in about 15-30 minutes after the start time and it may take until then before there are enough dancers to get up on their feet.

Lead By Example:

Organisers will encourage so many extra dancers on to the floor early if they themselves join in from the very start, even if they have never danced before! The earliest dances are the easiest, but it is also the time when people are most inhibited and need to see others enjoying it and getting the dances 'wrong'! These dances can set the atmosphere for the rest of the evening.

Making Mistakes:

Never worry about making mistakes during dances! It's all part of the fun and your laughter will rub off on others. People watching will not want to dance if those already dancing look miserable or harassed. Above all, enjoy yourselves!

Food Breaks / Intervals:

If food is to be offered, set aside a definite interval and inform your caller as soon as possible of your plans or schedule (especially if hot food is involved!). NEVER, ever have an 'eat-when-you-like' running buffet - it kills the dancing stone dead!

Floor Surface:

It is best to avoid slippery floors for obvious reasons. Conversely carpets (and grass) are hard work for the dancers and should be avoided / rolled out of the way. Remember - loose rugs could be fatal! As for floor space, if there is 'disco' space for fifty people, you will only have room for twenty-odd people for barn dances.

Setting-Up Time:

We usually need at least an hour to unload, set up equipment and carry out sound checks. So if you start at 8:00pm make sure the room is available to the band at 7:00pm at the latest. Likewise make sure our caller knows precisely when to end the event. It might save somebody embarrassment later on.

Stage /Site:

If your room has a stage for the band that is ideal. If no stage is available, don't worry - position us at the end of the room furthest from the main entrance/exit, in a space 15' x 15' approx. with a safe, tested power point within reasonable distance.


We love to see them when we play, but please discourage them from touching or playing with our instruments or equipment. Not only are modern instruments very costly to buy and maintain, but nearly all instruments and P.A. systems will be electrically wired. Everybody's safety is paramount!


We hope that we have persuaded you that Square The Circle can make your event go with a swing!


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